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The work of a Clubhouse is organized into prevocational work units. At Friendship House there are 2 work units: Communications and Food Service. Members choose which unit they would like to help with and while working in these units, are gaining or regaining the skills and self-confidence they need to pursue their goals in employment, education and independent living.  

Food Service

Members and staff work side by side in planning, preparing and serving a daily lunch and a weekly dinner, and are also responsible for running an in-house Snack Bar. Some of the responsibilities of this unit include menu planning, budgeting, shopping, meal prep, cooking, cashiering, waiting and bussing tables, inventory and stocking, and complying with Health Department requirements for operating a certified kitchen.


Members and staff in this unit are responsible for reception duties, compiling statistics, producing written daily announcements and monthly newsletters, budgeting, grant writing, and other administrative and clerical duties that come with running an organization. 


Members and staff in both work units share in the responsibility of maintaining our property and garden area. Some tasks include mowing, trimming hedges, planting, watering, gardening and weeding. .

Employing our members



One of the rights of membership in a Clubhouse is the opportunity to return to paid work. The Clubhouse offers 3 types of support with employment: Transitional, Supported and Independent Employment. 


Transitional Employment (TE) is the most structured type of support that we offer for our members returning to work. The Clubhouse partners with a business in the community to identify a part-time, entry level position that may be suitable for our members. A staff person will learn the job and the Clubhouse then selects a member to fill the position. The staff will assist the member through the application, interview, orientation and training process. The member will work in this position for a period of 6-9 months, and at the end of this period, another member is then “transitioned” into the position, thus giving our entire membership the opportunity for this job experience. With TE, a staff person will make regular site visits to assure continued satisfactory performance. The Clubhouse also provides guaranteed coverage at no cost to the employer. TE is designed to bridge the gap between the pre-vocational work units of the Clubhouse and competitive employment.  


Supported Employment:

With Support Employment (SE), the Clubhouse assists the member with the application and interview process, and also can provide assistance with orientation and training with permission from the employer. The Clubhouse also maintains a relationship between the working member and the employer, and regular site visits are completed to assure continued satisfactory job performance. There is no guaranteed coverage and no time limit with SE.


Independent Employment:

The Clubhouse provides references, resume building, assistance with the application process, interview preparation and benefits planning to members seeking independent employment. Support with benefits, housing, financial, and other employment needs are provided “in-house”. There is no on-site support at the place of business for members; all support takes place at the Clubhouse.

 if you are an employer and would be interested in providing job opportunities for our members, please contact the Clubhouse at (808) 821-4480 or contact us




  • Education: To provide support with educational goals, Friendship House helps members obtain financial aid, apply for scholarships, access counseling services, register for classes and meet all orientation and admission requirements. The Clubhouse assists members with all educational pursuits including online classes, obtaining a GED, taking a class in the community, or attending college.
  • Social: People with mental illness typically battle feelings of isolation and loneliness. The social program at the Clubhouse promotes friendships and helps members find strength and support in their relationships with other. Friendship House is open on all major holidays, Thursday evenings and one Saturday a month for social activities. (Find out more)
  • Health & Wellness: Friendship House offers opportunities for members to be involved in improving their health through scheduled physical activities and wellness discussions. A big part of our wellness program includes engaging in our landscaping and garden work. Bike rides, walks, and Zumba are also scheduled during the week to encourage members to get physically active. Guest speakers from the community are invited on occasion to provide information on healthy lifestyle choices.  
  • Become a Member:
  • Individuals who are 18 years or older and have been diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness may be referred to Friendship House by their psychiatrist.